Connell’s Lawn Care Inc. provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance. With an Emphasis on Quality and Reliability, Connell’s Lawn Care Inc. offers a full line of professional lawn care maintenance and landscape services.



Whether you are looking for a one time mow, or choose to take advantage of our weekly or bi-weekly Complete Lawn Care Maintenance Packages, you will be pleased with the results when you choose Connell’s Lawn Care Inc.

We are not your average mowing service.

Our mowing services include the following:


When it comes to mowing your lawn, we are looking to provide a uniform, consistent, and clean cut mow.  We use only the best professional mowers and sharpen all of our blades regularly to ensure that we are providing a uniform, crisp, clean cut every time.  When mower blades get dull, they stop cutting the grass and actually begin to tear the grass.  Once the grass is torn, the grass is weakened and the tips of the grass become very susceptible to drought, loss of water, disease and pests.

The Bottom Line: Sharp Blades Keep Grass Greener!


All of our mowers are set up to mulch your grass clippings.  Mulching your clippings is extremely beneficial to your lawn and helps conserve moisture, prevent weed growth, insulate the soil and protect grass roots from extremes in temprature, and adds a significant amount of nutrients back into the soil.

Connell’s Lawn Care Inc. promotes and recommends mulching your lawn.  However, we do offer bagging services if you are desiring to have your clippings bagged and removed from your property.


Using top quality professional line trimmers, this step allows us to obtain a uniform, clean appearance around obstacles that the mowers could not get close to.


Edging is one of the most important parts of our Lawn Care Maintenance Services.  We only use Dedicated Fixed Blade Stick Edgers to consistently provide that crisp, clean, straight edge all lawns require to look their best.


We take great pride in excelling at this step.  Using top quality powerful Backpack Blowers, we begin on porches and decks and clean off all sidewalks, walkways, driveways and the street in front of your property.  We always blow clippings back into the lawn to help incorporate more of your grass clippings back into the lawn, and provide you with a clean and crisp property appearance.

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